Undergraduate Student News

ENCP 491 is now CSCE 490

Computer Engineering majors will note that ENCP 491 is not being offered. This class has been replaced with CSCE 490.

If you are a CE major and want to use the old curriculum sheets, which list ENCP 481, ENCP 490, ENCP 492 as a requirement, then you will need to take CSCE 490, CSCE 492. CE majors no longer need to take ENCP 481.

Starting with the Fall 2013 curriculum (to appear) ENCP 481 has been dropped from the Computer Engineering major. It will only require CSCE 490, CSCE 492.

Advisement for Fall 2013 Classes

Advisement for Summer and Fall 2013 (one appointment) will be March 18 through April 1st. You will meet with your advisor, as usual.

To register for Fall 2013 classes, visit my.sc.edu and find the “Enrolled Students” section. There, you will find a registration link, along with links to view your class schedule, grades, transcripts, and holds. Registration for Summer I and II 2013 will be conducted in VIP as we have in the past.

What Type of Computer Do I Need?

Incoming students often ask, "What kind of laptop or desktop computer should I get?" The answer is: whatever you feel comfortable with.

Nowadays, even the slowest netbook can compile the largest program you will ever write for a class in less than a second. We use eclipse as the IDE of choice for CSCE 145 and CSCE 146, which you will be taking your freshman year, and in some later classes. Eclipse runs on Windows, Macs, and Linux, so you do not have to worry about which OS to choose.

CSCE Carolina Core Courses Approved

Our CSCE 101, CSCE 102, and CSCE 145 classes have been approved as satisfying the Carolina Core Analytical Reasoning and Problem-solving (ARP) requirement.

We have also submitted CSCE 390 as a candidate to satisfy the Values, Ethics and Social responsibility (VSR) Carolina Core and hope it will be approved by Fall 2013, but we cannot guarantee that this will happen.