Accelerated Master's in Computer Science

CS, CE, and CIS majors can apply to get a Master's in Computer Science as part of the accelerated program. Under this program you can typically double-count up to 9 credits hours of classes for both your BS and MS degrees.

Eligible undergraduate students must have completed at least 90 hours of undergraduate course work, must have both a cumulative and major GPA of 3.4 or better, and have the approval of their undergraduate advisor, the Graduate Director of the relevant graduate program, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and the instructor for each course to be taken. The credits must be earned during the student’s senior year. Interested students should complete the Application for Admission to an Accelerated Bachelor’s/Graduate Study Plan, available from The Graduate School.

If interested, ask your advisor about it.

Accelerated International Masters in Business Administration

The College of Engineering and Computing and the Moore School of Business support the BS/IMBA program for undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Computing. Under this program, undergraduate students with appropriate co-op or work experience and a GPA of 3.40, both overall and in their major field of study, may first submit an Application for Admission to an Accelerated Bachelor’s/Graduate Study Plan to the Graduate School for acceptance to the accelerated program during the semester in which they will have 90 undergraduate credit hours.

Students must also apply to the Moore School of Business for acceptance to the IMBA program. Satisfactory scores on the GMAT are required. Generally, the equivalent of at least one year of full-time professional experience is required for acceptance to the accelerated BS/IMBA program. Students will generally officially start taking IMBA core courses during the summer after they are within 30 hours of completing the undergraduate degree. The following year will be spent taking elective courses in the IMBA program. The first year of the IMBA program is tightly structured and provides little flexibility in scheduling, including the required internship. Courses remaining to complete the requirements for both programs will be taken during the second year of the IMBA program. Up to 9 hours of graduate courses may be used for dual credit in both programs. The specific courses must be approved by both programs for dual credit.

See the Academic Bulletin for more information.

Engineering and Computing Major Pathways to Teach High School Science or Math

After completion of your undergraduate engineering or computing degree, you can apply to the College of Education’s Master of Teaching (M.T. Career Changer) 5th year program to earn your high school teaching certification in mathematics or science in 3 semesters.  

If you are a Computer Science major and would like to teach high school mathematics—work with your advisor to make sure the following courses are a part of your program of study. You will need to work with your advisor to choose appropriate electives, but most of these courses are part of your degree requirements: MATH 141, MATH 142, MATH 241, MATH 374, STAT 509, MATH 344+L, MATH 300, MATH 531 or MATH 532, MATH 546.