I have never logged into a CEC Windows lab computer before. What are my credentials?

Your username and password are your University network ID credentials.

Do I use the same password on CSE linux workstations as I do on CEC windows computers?


I forgot my CEC Windows password!

Don't panic! Go to https://my.sc.edu, under the Students tab scroll down the PERSONAL and click on "View my IDs and manage my passwords" the rest of the process is self-explanatory.

How do I log into the CSE Dropbox?

Your CSE Dropbox username and password are University network ID credentials.

Can I log in to the linux machines remotely?

Yes. For Windows Users, see the following link:  Windows Remote Login

For Unix/Mac users, simply open a unix terminal and use the following command:

ssh -l username -p 222 L-1D43-01.cse.sc.edu

"L-1D43-01.cse.sc.edu" can be substituted by any of the other linux machines, such as "L-1D43-02.cse.sc.edu" or "L-1D49-01". For a complete list of Linux workstations, see here:  Linux Workstations

How do I print in the Linux Lab?

You don't, you will need to go to one of the Windows labs to print.

How do I access my oracle account?

For instructions on how to access your oracle account, refer to the following link:

Oracle Setup

How do I access the College's machines, and my network drive, from home?

Follow the instructions for Remote Access which show you how to set up a VPN connection.

How do I set up my own personal webpage?

Let's say you already have a Linux account and your username is bob. You can now visit the URL http://cse.sc.edu/~bob where you wil find a page that says "This is the default page." That page comes from the index.html file which resides in your home directory under the public_html directory, that is: bob/public_html/index.html. You can edit that index.html and add more files to that directory as you need to.

Remember that you must adhere to our Lab policies.