Undergraduate Forms

In exceptional cases, and after consulting with your advisor, you can fill out the online forms below as needed.

  • Override Requests for CSCE courses: Request to register for a class that is full of students already, or if you are getting a "field of study" error when trying to register.
  • Request for Prerequisite Waiver: A request for taking a class without having taken some of its prerequisites. Students should first consult with their advisor before filling out this form.
  • Request for Course Substitution: A request for substituting a required course with another one. Student must consult with advisor before filling out this form.
  • Independent Study: You must talk to your academic advisor and to the professor who will be advising you in the Directed Study about the work you plan to do in the class.
  • Registrar's Office forms: All the forms from the USC Registrar's office.
  • Senior Check, Graduation Applications are done by Student Services. Visit them in person.