There is still room for students to enroll in the Human-Computer Interaction course during the spring semester. It is currently listed as CSCE 590-001 but has recently been approved as a regular course with its own number. The only requirement is that you have upper division undergraduate or graduate standing. There is no math requirement and no specific programming expertise requirement. HCI is a bit different from a lot of the more traditional CSE courses. The emphasis is on designing and developing systems that people not only want to use but can use effectively. We’ll look at how research and development is handled in this area and explore a lot of new and innovative computer systems and interfaces. There will be several guest lectures, which are still being arranged. There will be a course project as well as some shorter assignments. You will have a lot of flexibility in designing your project, which could emphasize design, development, evaluation, or something even more imaginative. Our new faculty member, Dr. Jenay Beer, will present the lectures during the first week while I am out of town and will then visit the class on a regular basis. Next fall she will be teaching a course on Robot-Computer Interaction, and this spring course will provide an excellent lead-in to what should be an exciting new course. Yes, the course does meet early in the morning. Your future job may well start even earlier! And it only meets twice a week. Best wishes, Dr. Caroline Eastman