We have just published the new degree requirements for Computer Information System majors, effective Fall 2014, which include some significant changes to the major. As always, current CIS majors can elect to change to the new degree requirement but not before consulting with your academic advisor. Remember that if you change then you must satisfy all the new requirements, not just some. The changes include:
  1. MATH 141, 142 have been replaced with MATH 122.
  2. MATH 374 is replaced with MATH 174
  3. STAT 509 is replaced with STAT 515 and STAT 516.
  4. The required Minor in Business Information Management will now consist of the following required classes:
    • ECON 224 - Introduction to Economics
    • ACCT 222 - Introduction to Accounting
    • MGMT 371 - Principles of Management
    • MGSC 390 - Business Information Systems
    • MGSC 490 - Information Systems Analysis and Design
    • MGSC 590 - Information Systems Development
    plus, any two of the following courses:
    • ACCT 324: Survey of Commercial Law
    • ECON 311: Issues in Economics
    • ECON 379: Government Policy Toward Business
    • FINA 333: Finance and Markets
    • IBUS 301: Introduction to International Business
    • MGMT 472: Entrepreneurship and Small Business
    • MKTG 350: Introduction to Marketing
    • MKTG 351: Consumer Behavior
    • MGSC 395: Operations Management
The full degree requirements are at the Computer Information System degree page. We will allow students to substitute MATH 141 for MATH 122, and MATH 374 for MATH 174, and STAT 509 for for STAT 515. So, if you have already taken one of these classes and want to change to the new major you will still be able to use the class you already took.