Advisement for Fall 2013 Classes

Advisement for Summer and Fall 2013 (one appointment) will be March 18 through April 1st. You will meet with your advisor, as usual. To register for Fall 2013 classes, visit and find the “Enrolled Students” section. There, you will find a registration link, along with links to view your class schedule, grades, transcripts, and holds. Registration for Summer I and II 2013 will be conducted in VIP as we have in the past. You will use your VIP ID and password to sign in. If you don’t know your VIP ID, visit before your registration appointment. You will not be able to use your social security number to register for fall classes.

CSCE Carolina Core Courses Approved

Our CSCE 101, CSCE 102, and CSCE 145 classes have been approved as satisfying the Carolina Core Analytical Reasoning and Problem-solving (ARP) requirement. We have also submitted CSCE 390 as a candidate to satisfy the Values, Ethics and Social responsibility (VSR) Carolina Core and hope it will be approved by Fall 2013, but we cannot guarantee that this will happen.