There are a couple of late changes associated with the Spring 2017 schedule:
  1. CSCE 520 will meet TR 11:40-12:55 with Dr. Fenner teaching. This was moved because there were a large number of students that needed to take it and STAT 516 which meets at the same time as 520 was originally scheduled, TR 8:30-9:45.
  2. CSCE 580 had to be moved to a different time slot to accommodate the addition of CSCE 520.
  3. CSCE 551 was cancelled, since Dr. Fenner was needed to teach CSCE 520, a required course for the CIS program. We will work on an alternative for those undergraduates that need to fulfill the CSCE 355 requirement for graduation in May 2017. You will not be prevented from graduating in May 2017 because of this cancellation. If there are graduate students that can graduate before Spring 2018 we will also work on ways that you can get CSCE 551.
Here are descriptions of the topics courses that we are offering in Spring 2017. Strategic Management of Information Systems, CSCE 590 Section 001 MWF 1:10-2:00, Thatcher Course Description: This course examines the strategic management and use of information systems (IS) in organizations. Topics include strategic use of IS resources, business value of IS, organizational impacts of IS, IS and the design of work, IS and business process management, IS sourcing, IS governance, IS project management, and business intelligence. Web Scraping CSCE 590 Section 002 TR 8:30-9:45, Matthews, Course Description: This course will cover Web scraping with Python, the libraries Beautiful Soup and NLTK (the Natural Language Toolkit), and the Selenium (Web Driver) for automating the process of interacting with browsers. Mobile App Development, CSCE 590 Section 004, TR 1:15-2:30, Hu, Course Description: This course will cover the Development of mobile applications, including user interface design for mobile, local and cloud data storage techniques, and application architectures.