Advisement Summer and Fall 2014

Advisement for Summer and Fall 2014 semesters will be on March 17-28th.

Students must be advised in order to register. You can find out the name of your advisor in Self Service Carolina. You can then contact your advisor or drop by their office as most of them will have sign up sheets outside their office.

Registration time tickets will be available to students on Friday, March 7th on Self Service Carolina. Registration will begin on April 14th.

Here is the list of the Carolina Core courses.

Remember to check to make sure you satisfy the pre-reqs for each class. If you sign up for a class without satisfying the pre-reqs you will be dropped from it when the semester starts, at which point it will be much harder to find a suitable class. If you think you do not need to take the pre-reqs, talk to your advisor, if he agrees then you can fill out a pre-req waiver form and request that the pre-req be waived.

If you want to change majors, please visit Student Services.

If you wish to take courses over the Summer at another university, please visit Student Services for transient permission. Here is the list of classes USC will accept as transfers from other Universities.