See the Student Problems Referral and Reporting page (column on the right) for all the latest links to UofSC services. Reproduced below:

Student Problems Referral and Reporting

Absent or Disengaged?
University Advising Center Referral  

Student Success Center Referral  

Cheating? Disruptive Behavior?
Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Report 

Student aRisk to Themselves or Community?
Student Care and Outreach Team Care Team 

Discrimination or Harassment?
Equal Opportunity Programs Report 

Needs Counseling or Psychiatry?
University Health Services Referral 

Not Complying with Public Health Directives?
Public Health Directive Concern Report 

Student tells you they may have COVID-19?
Student Self-report Form 

Don’t Know Who or What to Ask?
CEC Student Services
(803) 777-4177
Swearingen 1A00 

USC Police Dispatch

Call 911  

Updated: 08/15/2022