The MGSC 390,490,590 courses will disappear after the Fall 2019 (MGSC 490 will not be offered in Fall 2019) . The new CIS curriculum requires different courses. If you are on an old CIS curriculum (2018 or earlier) the pre-approved course substitutions are: You do not need to fill out a Course Substitution Request as these substitutions are already pre-approved. You might need to visit the IIT department (first floor of the Storey Innovation Center building) to ask for an override into ITEC courses.

  • MGSC 390 can be substituted with MGSC 290 or ITEC 447
  • MGSC 490 can be substituted with CSCE 247 or ITEC 560
  • ­MGSC 590 can be substituted with CSCE 594 (offered in the Spring only) or ITEC 362
Updated: 06/13/2021