Dr. Song Wang has received a research grant award from the National Science Foundation for his project entitled "Algorithm Development for Reconstruction of Design Elements". This is an interdisciplinary study between archaeology and computer science to develop and disseminate a program that can identify the full artistic design from fragmented cultural heritage objects. Specifically, it will develop the algorithm to identify the designs of the carved wooden paddles of the Southeastern Woodlands from unearthed pottery sherds. Research also described in USC News: Fingerprints to the past. Image from
  • Jun Zhou, Haozhou Yu, Karen Smith, Colin Wilder, Hongkai Yu, Song Wang. Identifying designs from incomplete, fragmented cultural heritage objects by curve-pattern matching J. Electron. Imaging. 26(1), 011022 (Jan 05, 2017). doi:10.1117/1.JEI.26.1.011022.