The Automatic Computer Scientist

Friday, April 15, 2022 - 02:30 pm
Swearingen Engineering Center in Room 2A31


Building machines that automatically write computer programs is a grand challenge in AI. Such a development would offer the potential to automatically build bug-free programs and to discover novel efficient algorithms. In this talk, I will describe progress towards this grand challenge, i.e. progress towards building an `Automatic Computer Scientist (AutoCS)`. I will focus on major recent breakthroughs in inductive logic programming (ILP), a form of machine learning based on mathematical logic, with wider applications in drug design, game playing, and visual reasoning.


I am a research fellow at the University of Oxford. I work on logic and machine learning, i.e. inductive logic programming. I run the Logic and Learning (LoL) group and the `Automatic Computer Scientist' project.


In person: Swearingen Engineering Center in Room 2A31

 Virtual MS Teams