From left to right: Amit Sheth, Nicholas Harvel, Dr. Edward Feigenbaum,  Dr. Manas Gaur (USC alumnus), Kaushik Roy, and Yuxin Xi.  Kaushik and Xi are USC CS PhD students.

Students presented the papers below at the  Empowering Machine Learning and Large Language Models with Domain and Commonsense Knowledge (AAAI-MAKE 2024) AAAI Spring Symposium at Stanford University. Download papers here.

  • Yuxin Zi, Kaushik Roy, Vignesh Narayanan, and Amit Sheth presented their paper titled "Exploring Alternative Approaches to Language Modeling for Learning from Data and Knowledge"
  • Kanak Raj, Kaushik Roy, Vamshi Bonagiri, Priyanshul Govil and Krishnaprasad Thirunarayanan:
    "K-PERM: Personalized Response Generation Using Dynamic Knowledge Retrieval and Persona-Adaptive Queries".
  • Kaushik Roy, Alessandro Oltramari, Yuxin Zi, Chathurangi Shyalika, Vignesh Narayanan and Amit Sheth:
    "Causal Event Graph-Guided Language-based Spatiotemporal Question Answering"