We are happy to report that several of our faculty members have received research awards. They are:

  • Dr. Forest Agostinelli received a grant from the SC Commission on Higher Education for the project "Quantifying Vascular Calcification and Predicting Patient Outcome with Synthetic Data, Deep Neural Networks, and Logic Programming"
  • Dr. Ramtin Zand received a grand from ZKFlas Labs Inc. for their project on the "Design and Implementation of Hardware Accelerator for Zero-Knowledge Cryptography"
  • Dr. Homayoun Valafar received several grants from the Health Sciences Center at Prisma Health for the projects: “Analysis of Patient Glycomic Profiles in Search for Breast Cancer Signatures Using Machine Learning Approaches”, “Comprehensive and User-Analytics-Friendly Cancer Patient Database for Physicians and Researchers”, and “Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Predicting the Outcome of Cancer in Patients Using Cancer-Critical Gene Sequences and Clinical Data” co-PI with Anna Blenda.