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Software and Hardware Developer Positions in Knoxville

I am searching for potential candidates to work for Analysis and Measurement Services Corporation. AMS is a nuclear engineering consulting firm based in Knoxville, TN with a focus on I&C safety systems testing. I am looking primarily for Electrical Engineers, Hardware Developers, Software Developers, and Software Testers. Here is our careers website with all of our current job openings:

Database Programmer Needed

Looking for motivated and creative database programmers. The programmer will need to have excellent understanding of Excel and other database platforms as well as knowledge in HL7 interface. Currently, the position is either salaried or part time depending on the creativity and assertiveness of the programmer. Initially, a working database will be need to be constructed with realistic timeline of 1-2 months. After a limited time and an assessment of the applicants skill level, more work is available either project dependent or full time employment.

Customer Facing Portal Contractor

  • Have experience building, from the ground up, a secure public web site ( E.g. Health Insurance Exchange, Insurance portal, etc.)
  • Have experience in architecture, design, and implementation of a private cloud solution
  • Our preference would be an open source stack, but we are willing to listen
  • Have a knowledge of best practices for maintaining and supporting the cloud infrastructure
  • Be very focused on security and scalability

Computer Majors: Highest Employment Rate and Starting Salary

From Class of 2015 Is Finding Work:

Among majors, employment rates varied considerably. Computer science graduates had the highest standard, full-time employment rates (72 percent), followed by business (66 percent) and engineering graduates (62 percent). Biology majors had the lowest rates (28 percent), just under philosophy (33 percent) and physical sciences majors (34 percent).

Those disparities also show up in starting salaries. At $69,214, computer science graduates were making the most money. Theology graduates, at $30,584, were making the least.

It also notes that CS majors are starting their own companies, rather than getting a job with a big company, more often that in 2014.

Four Software Engineer Positions at SC Revenue Agency

I am the Human Resource Manager for the South Carolina Revenue and Fiscal Affairs state agency. We currently have openings for 4 - System Engineers. If you would please share the attached with anyone you know who may be interested in working in state government. Thank you for your time.

The Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office (RFA) is seeking applications for junior or senior software engineers.

EPA Scientific Application & Database Developer

The EPA Environmental Research and Business Support Program is searching for a Scientific Application and Database Developer to join the National Center for Computational Toxicology (NCCT), at the EPA facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. The Developer will be responsible for providing application development and database programming support for the NCCT, which develops computational tools for improving environmental risk assessments and chemical safety regulatory decisions.

Web Development Positions and USC Institute for Southern Studies

Institute for Southern Studies/Digital US South Initiative (DUSS)

Position Term: July 2016-September 2017
Pay: $15-$18/hour, depending on experience

The Institute for Southern Studies at USC is currently looking for a front-end and a back-end web developer to work on a grant-funded project. Developers would be working as a part of the Institute’s Digital US South Initiative (DUSS), which exists to assist faculty in translating research about the Southern United States into public-facing digital projects.

Paid Internships at the SC Department of Education

The office of Research and Data Analysis at the South Carolina Department of Education is interested in offering paid internships to qualified undergraduate and graduate students at the University of South Carolina. I have attached our internship application as well as a short job description and supplemental questions. We would be greatly appreciative if you could post this to the Computer Science and Engineering Job Board and distribute to any students that may be interested. They are ready to begin conducting interviews and are hiring immediately.


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