Senior Capstone Project Demo Day

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 - 8:30am to 12:00pm
Amoco Hall, Swearingen Building.

All are invited to come see our Senior students demo the apps they have built over the last year for our Capstone Class. 20 teams will be demonstrating their apps, which include web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications.

Presentation schedule:

Time Group Description Client
8:30 pSwizzy A 3D Game for Tablets, using Unity. Power BNC Energy
8:40 diet An Android for tracking diet. The Cancer Prevention and Control Program, USC
8:50 hygieia A webapp for display and analysis of hydration data. Hygieia Hydration
9:00 omaha Hacking a voting machine. Dr. Duncan Buell, CSE Department
9:10 imentor A webapp for student-teacher video conferencing. VC3 and the Richland 2 School District
9:20 FitnessEvolution An Android app for fitness tracking. Self startup
9:30 ZVerse A webapp for 3D model editing. ZVerse Inc.
9:40 RobotCA An Android app for controlling robots. Dr. Ioannis Rekleitis, CSE Department
9:50 DJJ A webapp for providing information. Institute for Families in Society University of South Carolina
10:00 pmba A webapp for tracking incoming student application process. Professional MBA Program, USC
10:10 wandrlust A webapp for travellers. Self startup
10:20 routegen A webapp for building router configuration files. Cisco Systems
10:30 ortho A webapp for patient tracking. Midlands Orthopedics
10:40 HelpMonger An Android Ionic app for finding help.
10:50 contextual An educational platform (webapp) based on the mode neutral learning pedagogy. Self startup
11:00 sscrm A webapp for tracking students. USC Student Success Center
11:10 5chords An Android app for learning music. South Carolina Philharmonic
11:20 FitLivin An Android app for fitness tracking. Self startup
11:30 dcon A desktop app for data analysis. Chemical Engineering Dept., USC

If you can't make it, you can always watch the demos online.