Dynamo: Low latency data distribution from database to servers

Friday, November 15, 2019 - 2:20pm to 3:10pm
Innovation Center, Room 1400

Speaker: Prunthaban Kanthakumar
Affiliation: Google
Location: Innovation Center, Room 1400
Time: Friday 11/15/2019 (2:20 - 3:10pm)

Many applications at Google are structured with source of truth stored in a transactional database and its data being required by servers distributed world-wide. For efficient and fast computation servers store this data in memory. Further, the database is changing continuously and we need to update the in-memory view of these large number of servers in real-time. For example, in Google Search Ads application we have Advertisers configuration stored in a database and for computing Ads in a fast and scalable manner this data is loaded in memory of various servers spread world-wide. In this talk, we describe our solution to this data distribution problem and the challenges that we encountered in providing a highly reliable and low latency service.

Technical Lead Manager of a critical infrastructure team within Google Search Ads responsible for building a system that performs large scale data extraction & transformation from database and reliably distribute it to servers globally in near real time.