Collaborative Assistant Building Contest

Monday, November 15, 2021 - 05:00 pm

Develop collaborative assistants (chatbots) that offer innovative and ethical solutions to real-world problems !


First Prize - $250 Second Prize - $150 Third Prize - $100

Problem ideas:

  • Health: Which one or more medical specialties can treat my abdominal pain?

  • Public safety: Which community is most unsafe for children?

  • Water: Will there be a water problem if everyone starts washing their cars at home?

  • Gardening: What happens to my water if we plant eucalyptus or cactus in SC?

  • Information gathering: How is UofSC better than Clemson? Columbia v/s Charleston? based on crime statistics, hospitals, etc.

These are just suggestions to inspire. You are free to choose any problem that would help solve any problem in your community and preferably, South Carolina too.

See the event page for more information.