The Computer Science and Engineering and its ACM Student Chapter played host to the first Columbia Code Camp right here in the Swearingen building. The event is organized by the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild and is a meeting of local and invited software developers where they can learn from each other how to use the latest technologies.

By all accounts the event was a major success with over 160 people in attendance. The rooms in Swearingen were filled to capacity and over $10,000 in swag (including two Backberry devices, one XBox Elite, more than 80 books, and many software licenses) was given away. The agenda included talks on technical topics such as LINQ to SQL Tricks and Tips, Parameter sniffing, Silverlight, iPhone SDK, Windows Presentation Foundation as well as general talks on career and wages.

The event was made possible in part by our ACM Student Chapter and other student volunteers who helped visitors find their way around Swearingen and coordinated the use of the facilities.

Below are a few photos from the event. You can view more by visiting the Columbia CodeCamp's flickr page.