Friday, April 12, 2024 - 02:15 pm

Bosch is a multinational engineering and technology company that develops products in various business sectors, including mobility, industrial technology, energy and building technology, and consumer goods. Currently, Bosch employs over 427K workers and generates ~100B/yr in sales revenue. At the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence, in Pittsburgh, we focus on research in the area of neuro-symbolic AI, combining machine learning with knowledge engineering technologies. In this talk, we will illustrate recent efforts in the areas of causal analysis and decision intelligence to improve industrial manufacturing processes. More specifically, we discuss the application of neuro-symbolic methods for (1) root-cause analysis and (2) cognitive architectures for decision making.

About the authors
Alessandro Oltramari is president of the Carnegie Bosch Institute and a senior research scientist at Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence in Pittsburgh, USA. Oltramari joined Bosch Research in 2016, after working as a research associate at Carnegie Mellon University, funded by public agencies like DARPA, NSF, ARL. At Bosch Research, he focuses on neuro-symbolic AI. His primary interest is to investigate how knowledge-based methods and systems can be integrated with learning algorithms, and help humans and machines make sense of the physical and digital worlds. Contact him at

Cory Henson is a lead research scientist at the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence in Pittsburgh, USA. His research focuses on knowledge representation and neuro-symbolic AI methods, integrating machine learning with prior domain knowledge. He has led projects to develop and apply this technology for improving autonomous systems, ranging from automated driving to smart manufacturing. More recently, he has become interested in the use of neuro-symbolic methods for representing, learning, and reasoning with causal knowledge. Contact him at

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