CSCE 317: Computer Systems Engineering

TTh 1625-1740 SWGN 2A21

Prerequisites: CSCE 212 (Introduction to Computer Architecture) MATH 242 (Elementary Differential Equations), STAT 509 (Statistics for Engineers).

Instructor: Marco Valtorta
Office: Swearingen 3A55, 777-4641
Office Hours: 1100-1200 MWF

Teaching AssistantJonathan Freed
Office: Swearingen 3D15
Office Hours: 0900-1100 TTh

Any student with a documented disability should contact the Office of Student Disability Services at (803)777-6142 to make arrangements for proper accommodations.


Grading Policy

Reference materials:

Mor Harchol-Balter. Performance Modeling and Design of Computer Systems: Queueing Theory in Action. Cambridge University Press, 2013 (ISBN 9781107027503). We will refer to this text as [H] in the course.

The departmental syllabus for the course lists the following four course outcomes. We will concentrate on the third one.

  • take an overall system and lifecycle view of the design and operation of a system,
  • model and evaluate the reliability of system architectures,
  • model and evaluate the performance and dynamic behavior of a system,
  • model and evaluate the economics of cash flows in system design, development, and operation.
  • Lecture Log

    Some assignments are only listed in the lecture log.

    Final exam from spring 2015.

    Quiz 1 of 2016-01-21, with answer
    Quiz 2 of 2016-02-02, with answer
    Quiz 3 of 2016-02-02, with answer (Note: Same day as Quiz 2.)
    Quiz 4 of 2016-02-09, with answer

    Notes used in 2016-01-12 class
    Introductory slides
    Notes used in 2016-01-14 class
    Notes used in 2016-01-19 class
    Notes used in 2016-01-21 class
    Introduction to Probability
    Notes used in 2016-01-26 and 2016-01-28 classes
    Notes used in 2016-02-02 class
    Notes used in 2016-02-04 class
    Notes used in 2016-02-09 class
    Notes used in 2016-02-11 class
    Notes used in 2016-02-18 class
    More notes (on reliability) used in 2016-02-18 and 2016-02-23 classes
    Notes used in 2016-02-23 and 2016-02-25 classes
    Notes on Ch.4 [H] used in class on 2016-03-15 and 2016-03-17
    Notes on Ch.5 [H] used in class on 2016-03-22 and 2016-03-24
    Notes on Ch.6 [H] used in class on 2016-03-29 and 2016-03-31
    Notes on Ch.7 [H] used in class on 2016-04-05
    Notes on Ch.8 [H] used in class on 2016-04-12
    Notes on Ch.9 [H] used in class on 2016-04-19
    Notes on Ch.10 [H] used in class on 2016-04-19

    The USC Blackboard has a site for this course.

    Some useful links:

    1. Ivo Adan and Jaques Resing. Queueing Theory. Dated March 26, 2015. Accessed 2016-01-11 (local copy).
    2. Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet, by Steve Seiden (This version has the Escher's knot figure but is otherwise harder to read.)