Research Experiences for Undergraduates Continues with New Grant

Professors Caroline Eastman and John Bowles have received another NSF grant, this one for $329,364, to continue their efforts with our Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site.

Since 2004 our REU site has hosted student interns overt the summer and provided them with the opportunity to conduct research under the supervision of our faculty. The program also includes multiple special events such as seminars, workshops, visits to local industry and other social activities. The experience helps students learn to work in a professional environment and provides them with a competitive edge when applying to graduate schools.

The program continues to be a large success, with students attending from Universities across the country and many of them going on to do graduate studies in computer science. The program has had a total of 63 participants, about 9 to 11 per year, with over half of them for under-represented minority groups and almost a third female. About 90% of the student participants present their research at regional or national conferences. A recent research project involved the design and implementation of programs for mote communication and tests of its performance under different combinations of temperature and humidity.