The NACE salary survey for the class of 2009 came out this summer and it reports starting salaries for computer engineers at $61,738 and for software engineers at $65,618, the highest reported starting salary:
Chemical engineering graduates posted a 2.7 percent increase to their average salary offer, which now stands at $64,902. Computer engineering graduates saw their average offer rise 3.6 percent to $61,738. Much of that bump up can be attributed to the types of positions these graduates were offered. Software design and development jobs were the most common offering, and the average salary for these jobs rose 5.6 percent over last year, from $62,155 to $65,619. Electrical engineering graduates earned one of the larger increases; their average offer rose 5.6 percent to $60,125. Civil engineering graduates, however, saw their average offer just nudge up slightly—0.8 percent—to $52,048.

Also note that by "most common offering" they mean that the number of actual jobs in software engineering is several times the number in other disciplines. This means that when you do go looking for a job you will have a more choices.