Software Engineer at Bank of America in Charlotte

Software Engineer (SE) will be responsible for conducting and coordinating the code development activities on BofA Mobile Applications. SE has the primary responsibility for delivering design and code during application development. While assigned to a project, the SE will represent the development team to the other support groups such as UI development, business sponsors, functional testing, technical/stress testing, and environment-support (such as production and certification). Some of the responsibilities, among others, are:

  • Software development activities such as high-level design, low-level design, code, unit test cases, code maintenance, troubleshooting, and code documentation on application development/enhancements/initiatives.
  • Code merges, builds, deployments, and setting up of the deployment environments.
  • Functional/technical testing on deployment package, troubleshooting any issues that surface during testing, and delegating the task of addressing these issues to the appropriate project teams.
  • Interacting and coordinating with other developers and QA personnel to manage/address/resolve bug reports.
  • Communicating to the management regarding the status of the release.
  • Participating in the design, security, capacity and ADA compliance reviews.
  • Tasking and allocating resources on the assigned projects.

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