Software Developer at

Company name:
Location: Atlanta, GA
Job title: Software Developer

Company Summary is a sales success tool. The sales intelligence market is a multi-billion dollar industry. Total venture capital in sales success technology is well over 500MM in the last 5 years. Our mission is to help sales reps succeed in cold outbound sales activities by automating buyer research. This is a brand new start up with a commitment for beta test in place. More details about product offering upon signing of NDA and Non-Compete during interview process. is seeking employee #2.

This person will lead the technology arm of this company. The first project is to implement our application for the business development team at another software company in Atlanta. This project is high risk. There are no guarantees of salary unless beta is successful and seed funding is acquired.


  • Oversee and manage development and implementation of software beta test.
  •  Continuous improvement during beta test phase.
  •  Assist in defining unique inventions of technology with legal team for patent application.
  •  Continue on as co-founder of the company if interested.




  • Demonstrated aptitude in Java, Python, and web app development.
  • Interest in the startup environment.
  • Flexibility, adaptability and eagerness to learn.
  • Team player, open to new ideas and collaboration.



  • Working knowledge of the SaaS industry.
  • Web design experience.
  • General sense of how software business operates, especially software startups.


Salary and Benefits

  • Sizeable equity share, negotiated during interview process.
  • Salary will be guaranteed once seed funding is secured. The first expense will be compensating this person for their work in product development.
  • Signing bonus possible.

Please send resume to if interested in interviewing.