Research Data Manager: Graduate Research Assitantship

The Research Data Manager will be responsible for management of multiple complex datasets from longitudinal observational and intervention studies. The primary activities of this position are data quality assurance checks, management of research data, creation of new summary variables, creation of datasets for investigators, creation of data tables for reports and papers. The Research Data Manager will support research data collection and management activities

Primary Responsibilities Are as Follows

  •  Extract and manage multiple datasets from existing cloud-based platforms (i.e. Fitabase, Actilife, Twilio, Qualtrics)
  •  Implement and trouble shoot R code to extract, catalog and manage large amounts of data
  •  Develop data flow diagrams and data dictionaries to document origins, transformations, and outputs
  •  Perform complex data manipulations using multiple file and data sources
  •  Develop and implement strategies and procedures for data cleaning
  •  Develop Standard Operating Procedures for managing data
  •  Design and program databases as needed.
  •  Perform data cleaning, including identifying potential problems with study data
  •  Create new summary variables
  •  Merge, create, and recode variables to prepare data for analyses
  •  Create datasets for analysis by other investigators
  •  Create tables and figures in publication-quality form summarizing the results of statistical analyses
  •  Write detailed documentation/specifications for analysis data sets and related files
  •  Use survey platforms to create, send, or manage surveys (i.e. Qualtrics)
  •  Attend staff meetings and provide updates on status of projects

Minimum Qualifications (Mandatory)

  •  Bachelor's degree in related discipline.
  •  Three (3) years related experience.
  •  Additional education (Master's level) may substitute for required experience.

If interested contact
R. Glenn Weaver, M.Ed., Ph.D.