The primary duties include dataset development for mobile devices (Android and iOS).  The process of developing datasets consists of several phases: Planning, Setup/Preparation, Data Population, and Acquisition.  A dataset is a collection of files or data (obtained from a digital device) created to have a desired set of attributes and known content.  In mobile forensics, these datasets can be used for a variety of quality assurance purposes, including but not limited to: the testing and evaluation of tools and methods, training and performance monitoring of forensic examiners, and verification of artifacts or analysis findings.  The quality of a test dataset is generally dependent upon the development documentation.   A well-documented dataset facilitates more rigorous testing and reliable results. 

Applying candidates should have familiarity with the following:

  • Fluency with Android and iOS operating systems
  • Experience with documentation
  • Detail oriented
  • Some research experience desirable 
  • Scenario development and scripting (Python) desirable

Deputy Chief Maria Yturria
Office of Professional Development
Richland County Sheriff’s Department
(803) 576-3463