Potential student with data science and GIS skills

I am writing to inquire if you have students or could forward to students who might be interested in working on project related to water supply policy in Kenya.

The project includes the cleaning and basic analysis of a large, multi year dataset of household water use in Kenya. The student must be detail oriented and have the skills and aptitude to clean and validate panel data. (The task can be performed in Stata, r, Matlab or Python). Given that the data have a spatial component, the student should also have the ability to perform basic GIS mapping and analysis. Someone with an interest in data visualization would be ideal.

Depending on the student’s preferences, I can structure the work as independent research, an independent study, or a paid hourly research assistantship.

I am keen to get started ASAP on this work. Please have interested students contact me fuente@seoe.sc.edu.

Many thanks in advance!

David Fuente
Assistant Professor
School of Earth, Ocean and Environment