You probably know Upstairs Audio in Five Points. Joe Azar is interested in hiring an intern/part-time-r for some web work and then some. Duncan Buell Professor Department of Computer Science and Engineering -----Original Message----- From: Joseph Azar To: BUELL, DUNCAN A It is a web project for the consumer electronic industry. The first part is simply forums for dealers and manufacturers, an easy project that needs good graphic design as I have a moderator. We can use phpbb for software and I have hosting for it. Someone needs to have a basic understanding of this software for forums. The next part is a daily TV guide from dealers to customers. We have developed the software that parses data for this, Graphics again are needed and a basic understanding of the software. From there we have other needs and someone will need to be able to help with some of the design in terms of GUI and structure of what we create. I do have people who can do the backroom work, including billing software, but the person I need here should be able to grow into this job and learn to do some of these things that others are doing now. This is an exciting project, quite unique, and can grow into a very profitable one, as well as be adapted to other industry classifications. A person needs to be very motivated, positive, able to create, solve problems, and work on their own initiative. Thank you, Joseph Azar 513-3357