Part-Time Student WebDeveloper

This Position has been filled

This position will consist of writing code in multiple languages while understanding good UI/UX fundamentals and business logic. You will also need to work closely with the entire team to finish projects in the allotted time for said projects. Below are some of the skills you will need.

Skills needed

  •  Backend programming – PHP
  •  Frontend programming – HTML, TypeScript, CSS
  •  Frontend frameworks - Angular(2)
  •  Database operations – MySQL
  •  Be familiar with Linux
  •  Know how to work with others
  •  Know how to balance your school and work

Basic Information

  •  Ten to twenty hours a week – from home or offsite
  •  Competitive pay based on experience
  •  Fun work environment
  •  Learn how to be a full stack developer
  •  Chances to advance to programming lead position

This Position has been filled