Open Source 101: Tuesday March3

Join 150-200+ developers and technologists in downtown Columbia

Featuring 7 extended sessions and workshops on topics vital to everyone

Tuesday, March 3

USC Alumni Center


Why Attend - Hint, open source now comprises 80-90% of the code in a typical application (Forrester) and open source skills and knowledge are in huge demand by employers

Registration - Once free passes are claimed, just $49 and includes all programming, networking and lunch on-site


Open Source 101 is a one-day conference designed to educate current technology professionals and technology students on topics foundational to open source, open tech, and the open web. The event will feature sessions on major topics delivered by some of the top experts in the country.

Workshops and sessions to be featured:

  • Intro to Containers, from Docker to Kubernetes to everything in between - Brent Laster, Director of R&D, SAS - 4 hours
  • Open Source Software: Please Build Responsibly (application security) - 2.5 hours
  • Open Source Databases and 17 Things Every Engineer Must Know (including how to choose and licensing) - Peter Zaitsev, Percona - 1.5 hours
  • GitHub Actions: Automating your open source software workflows - John Bohannon, GitHub - 1.5 hours
  • Open Source Tools for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) - John Wargo, Microsoft - 1.5 hours
  • Open Source Licensing and Compliance - Deb Nicholson, Software Freedom Conservancy - 1.5 hours
  • Using and Administering Linux - David Both, nearly 50-year technologist, trainer and well-known author - 2.5 hours