Open Source 101. April 17. FREE passes for USC students

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Tuesday, April 17
9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
USC Alumni Center, downtown Columbia

  • A one-day technology conference covering the technologies and processes that are foundational to open source, open tech, and the open web.
  • Featuring 5 keynote talks and 40+ talks and extended sessions from some of the top experts in the world.
  • Just a few of the companies/organizations represented: Red Hat, GitHub, Microsoft, PayPal, Walt Disney Company, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, VMWare, Redis Labs, Lending Tree, Percona, IBM, and many more.

Current sponsors / partners include Red Hat, GitHub, McNair Entrepreneurship Center, SCRA, City of Columbia Economic Development, OBO, Women Who Code, CodeSC, The Linux Foundation, Linux Journal,, DZone, and more

Open Source 101 is a one-day conference covering the technologies and processes that are foundational to open source, open tech, and the open web. The event will feature industry experts delivering 10 minute keynote and extended 30-40 minute track session talks. The goal is that attendees leave the event with a better understanding of open source and ready to contribute or consume. Target audience includes current professionals new to open source/tech/web, professionals familiar with but wanting a refresher or to learn more and network with experts, and students of all types with a desire to learn more about open source.

Because 80-90% of all applications include open source, the majority of the world's technology runs on open source, major companies and companies of all types are now open sourcing existing technology. Read our blog post for more details -

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Free Passes for USC:
Limited free passes are being made available to USC students on a first-come first-served basis. Simply enter the promotional code USC when registering and the cost will be reduced to $0.

Once free passes are gone, tickets are just $10 for students and $29 for non-students and includes all programming and lunch. We have made every effort to keep the cost low to ensure access. *Please note the cost does increase to $49 for non-students a week or so prior to the event, to enable a more accurate lunch count.

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