Ford Traffic Tamer App Challenge

On behalf of Ford Motor Company, we'd like to invite your faculty and students to participate in the Traffic Tamer App Challenge. This competition aims to recognize both new and existing software applications that can help reduce traffic congestion in London, and will award $25,000 in prizes. Ford is tapping into the talents of developers globally, hence our outreach to the community at University of South Carolina.

Would you mind taking a look at the details at and letting me know if you'd be open to sharing this competition with your faculty and students? It's a great opportunity for global recognition & exposure, not to mention $25,000 in prizes, plus making a difference in the future for mobility.

Applications can include functionality such as trip planning, traffic updates, weather, public transit, parking, and more.

I've taken the liberty to attach a flyer and include a sample blurb and tweets below. Please feel free to pass them along.

About the Traffic Tamer App Challenge
Committed to addressing the future of mobility, Ford Motor Company is calling for new technologies that help drivers combat traffic in an ever-more gridlocked world through the Traffic Tamer App Challenge.

This competition challenges developers from across the globe to submit new or existing apps that have the potential to help reduce congestion in London. Applications don’t necessarily have to include London-specific data, but developers should explain in their submission how their app can benefit drivers, pedestrians, and residents of the City.

Applications can include functionality such as trip planning, traffic updates, public transit, parking, weather, and more. The use of Ford's OpenXC platform is encouraged but not required.

The best apps will be awarded $25,000 prizes.

Register for the competition and get further details at The submission deadline is January 15, 2014.

For those who are interested in helping spread the word, please feel free to use these tweets!

.@Ford is calling developers around the world to submit apps that help reduce traffic. Earn $25K + recognition at

Help reduce traffic congestion on London streets! Enter a new/existing app in @Ford's $25K Traffic Tamer Challenge: