Data Engineer, Internships and other open positions at Blend360

Here are some of the job descriptions and other info.  Jobs not listed as “all star” job would have similar descriptions, and as I said, we are looking to grow and have many positions available.

Anyone interested can reach out to me directly via email or cell phone

Eric Elliott
Data Engineering Manager
Phone: 407.230.1770


BLEND360 is an award-winning, new breed Data Science Solutions Company focused on powering exceptional results to our Fortune 500 clients. We are a growing company—born at the intersection of advanced analytics, data and technology

We are seeking data Engineers! If you’ve got entrepreneurial spirit and passion, are driven by results, and want to be a part of significant growth, we’re looking for you!

Our Data Engineer All Stars Program is a 6-month consultant training program for master’s and bachelor's graduates in Analytics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Systems, and other quantitative programs. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from top Data Scientists, work on real-world analytics projects, and gain experience with Fortune 500 clients across a variety of verticals. They will work alongside our senior Data Scientists and Data Engineers to get data into proper shape, perform statistical analyses and develop predictive models to solve our clients’ business problems.

Please note: this is a full-time permanent position and after 6 months, you will be a Data Engineer.

The primary objective of this program is to develop participants into productive, client engaged BLEND360 employees and set the foundation to build a fast track career in one of 4 areas:

  •     Data Science
  •     Data Engineering
  •     Business Intelligence
  •     Marketing Analytics

The All-Star focused on Data Engineering will:

    Work with business leaders to solve clients’ business challenges and improve clients’ business results using advanced analytics techniques. We contribute our Advanced Data Science subject matter expertise to the recommendations and solutions delivered to our clients.

    Spend most of their time on getting data into proper shape, performing statistical analyses, developing predictive models and machine learning algorithms to solve clients’ business problems. We evaluate different sources of data, discover patterns hidden within raw data, create insightful variables, and develop competing models with different machine learning algorithms. We validate and cross validate our recommendations to make sure our recommendations will perform well over time.

    Partner with client technical resources as well as BLEND360 team members, providing guidance and solutions for data architectures, data conversions, ETL and implementation of models in a production environment. The ideal candidate has retail experience and can provide technical expertise working with cloud based platforms as well as traditional data warehouse environments.

Main Responsibilities

  •     Work with practice leaders and clients to understand how to make data accessible and usable throughout the organization.
  •     Defines data environment design for the reporting and modeling/machine learning use cases that is consistent, maintainable and flexible.
  •     Works with client and BLEND360 teams to identify use cases and functional requirements that drive the reporting and modeling data solutions.
  •     Designs the database structure including tables, views, synonyms, sequences, triggers, procedures, functions, indexes and materialized views as relevant.
  •     Provides the framework for integrating source systems with the reporting and modeling data environments – develops the ERD and data dictionaries
  •     Implements business rules via stored procedures, middleware, or other technologies.
  •     Develops strategies for flexibility and scalability, and defines the future technical architecture direction for the business intelligence reporting and analytical environments.
  •     Problem solve with practice leaders to understand how to build the data pipelines that can support the business, formulate different approaches, outline pros and cons for each approach.
  •     Work with practice leaders to get client feedback, get alignment on approaches, deliverables, and overall timeline
  •     Document data flow, infrastructure and processes.
  •     Turn models and machine learning algorithms into implementable production code


The Details:

    Location: Columbia, MD
    Visa Sponsorship Available
    Duration: Full-time
    Benefits: Health, Vision, Dental, 401k plan, Life Insurance, Pretax Commuter Benefits, and an incredibly supportive team cheering you on!


Internship info:

As an intern at BLEND360 you will be working closely with a member of our Data Science team who will provide you with real, hands-on projects and daily tasks.  Interns will be able to apply classroom based knowledge to their work and gain essential skills needed to be career ready.  BLEND360 is dedicated to developing successful Data Science Professionals and we strive to make this internship as realistic and informative as possible.

The ideal candidate is a student seeking a MS or BS degree in: Data Science, Analytics, Computer Science, or a related major.

Skills required: R or Python, SQL, Predictive Modeling, Statistical Analysis