Cyber Team Capture The Flag Competition

Greetings from Fort Gordon!!

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), Parsons-Cyber, and the Cyber Center of Excellence (CCoE) will be hosting an International Cyber Capture the Flag (CTF) Challenge on August 20th from 10am-2pm. The CTF challenge will be a 4-hour knowledge-based, jeopardy-style, computer network exercise which can be attended in-person or virtually via remote access. Teams from international government and higher education institutions will compete against one another by practically applying Programming, Crypto-analysis, Exploitation and Reverse Engineering tactics, techniques and procedures within a simulated environment. The 4-hour competition window includes 10 minutes for an introduction/overview and discussion of the rules for the road. The CTF should provide fun as well as allow the opportunity for participants to practice their cybersecurity skills against peers and professionals from all over the world.

We invite your interested cyber students to form four-person teams and register for this international competition by accessing the following website:

Please feel free to email Ms. Liz Cornejo (, Mr. Tom Barnes ( or contact Parsons via social media (Twitter/Facebook: @ParsonsCorp or Instagram: @parsonscorporation) if you have questions concerning the competition specifics.

We appreciate your time and hope to see your best cyber students competing in this year's competition.

With appreciation,

Brennan M. Roy, Ed.D
Education Outreach Liaison
G-3/5/7, Training Support Division
Cyber Center of Excellence (CCoE)
Office: (706) 791-2232
Cell: (562) 884-0620