CSE Department Scholarships for Attendance of Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

To increase diversity in computing, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering joined together with the BRAID group, to obtain funding to support diversity projects including send students to attend the Grace Hopper Celebrations of Women in Computing and the Tapia conference for diversity in computing.
We are happy to announce that the Department of Computer Science and Engineering will be sending a group of students to the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing which will take place on Wednesday, September 26 through Friday, September 28, in Houston, Texas.

Would you like to be considered to go on this trip paid for by the Department?

The CSE faculty members on the trip this year is Dr. Csilla Farkas, the Associate Dean for Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion and Dr. Yan Tong. If you would like to be considered please enter your information here and quickly, it must be done by April 16.

Selection criteria: Unfortunately we might not be able to send everybody that wants to go. This year we plan to send four graduate students (mentors) and 12 undergraduate students.
The selection criteria for the graduate students:

  1. You should commit to taking the responsibilities as mentors of undergraduates during the GHC.

The selection criteria for the undergraduates:

  1. You must have already passed CSCE 146, be majoring in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Computer Engineering, or Integrated Information Technology and taking CSCE/ITEC classes in Fall 2018.
  2. Then students will be selected based on a score that is the sum of their overall GPA and their GPA in CSCE/ITEC courses.
  3. Active members in student chapters, such as WiC, WISE, and WiT, which are actively contribute to diversity in computing, are especially encouraged.
  4. If there are ties and not enough slots we will consider total number of hours in CS and then research projects in which the students have participated and finally if still tied the date you submitted your information. We will also consider if you applied earlier and were not selected to attend at an earlier GHC.

Time Deadline: We must get registrations, hotel reservations, and etc. finalized. So to be considered you must apply here by midnight – April 16 .

Here are a few highlights from our trip to GHC2017 last year.

  1. Great Speakers: Melinda Gates, Dr. Ayanna Howard, Dr. Fei-Fei Li, …
  2. Interviews with Google, Apple, Amazon, ... "Best job/internship fair ever"
  3. Thursday night dinner

    Yan Tong