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I am reaching out to Department Heads and Course Directors to raise awareness of the 2015 Global Internship Program.

City Internships provides structured Global Internship Programs for students seeking to gain experience in   Banking & Financial Services,   Legal & Professional Services,   Marketing, Advertising & PR,   Media, Publishing & Entertainment,   IT & Technology,   Art & Design,   Property & Construction   and   Science, Technology & Engineering.

Undergraduates and graduates can participate in the Global Internship Program in  London,  New York,  Los Angeles  &  Hong Kong.

Please share this email with your students if you think the Global Internship Program would be of interest.

Applications for the Spring (London only) and Summer (all locations) programs can be submitted now via

I have included further information pertaining to the Global Internship Program below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards,
Lewis Talbot
City Internships, Global Program Director

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Undergraduates and graduates may Apply Now by clicking here.

0. Further Information


1.       2015 Application Status (by program date and location)

2.       2015 Global Internship Program – General Information.

3.       New Internship Opportunities of the Week.

1. 2015 Application Process Status

2015 Spring Programs

  London (Spring) – Application process open  – APPLY NOW   New York (Spring) – Applications now closed for Spring 2015
  Hong Kong (Spring) – Applications now closed for Spring 2015
  Los Angeles (Spring) – Applications now closed for Spring 2015

2015 Summer Programs

  London (Summer) – Application process now open – APPLY NOW   New York (Summer) – Application process now open – APPLY NOW   Hong Kong (Summer) – Application process now open – APPLY NOW   Los Angeles (Summer) – Application process now open – APPLY NOW

Visit to learn more. To apply, visit


2. City Internships – 2015 Global Internship Program – General Information

The Global Internship Program is a launch pad into the most prestigious, rewarding and intellectually stimulating graduate careers.

The program operates in the world’s leading cities – London, New York, Los Angeles & Hong Kong – and provides an immersive and formative experience that is focused on enabling undergraduates and graduates to convert their skills, ambition and academic accomplishment to professional success.

R 8 Week Internship Placement

R Social Events & Excursions

R Daily Transportation

R Accommodation*

R Meal Plan


R Career Seminars, Guest Speaker & Networking Events

R Welcome Reception, Orientation & Closing Reception

R Intensive Language or Professional Training Course**

R CV Revision & Interview Coaching

R 24/7 On-site Staff Support

R Academic Credit


R Post-program career services through City Careers

The Global Internship Program is structured around an eight week internship placement, with a leading employer in the student’s chosen field, which is complemented by a series of inclusive career seminars and workshops, guest speaker and networking events, social events and weekend excursions.

The 8 week internship placement is designed to help students explore their chosen field and career path, develop industry specific skills and knowledge, and increase their professional network – simultaneously helping students to focus the direction of their career and increase their appeal to future employers.

The inclusive career seminars, guest speaker and networking events are designed to bolster their on-the-job learning and to further equip them with the tools necessary to launch a thriving career in today's highly competitive graduate market.

The inclusive social events and weekend excursions help to deliver a well-rounded experience and showcase their chosen city’s cultural highlights. They serve as a great opportunity for students to fully experience their chosen city with like-minded students from across the globe.

Students will benefit from an extensive support network before, during and after the program. The overarching philosophy of the program is to give undergrauates and graduates the freedom to define their own experience and to progress independently, both personally and professionally, within a framework that provides comprehensive direction and guidance.


Internship placements are available in  Banking & Financial Services,  Legal & Professional Services,  IT & Technology,  Art & Design,  Marketing, Advertising & PR,  Property & Construction,  Media, Publishing & Entertainment  or  Science & Engineering.


The Global Internship Program operates in  London,  New York,  Los Angeles  &  Hong Kong. Programs are available in Spring,  Summer  &  Fall.



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3. New Internship Opportunities of the Week

Banking & Finance – Sales & Trading – Leading global investment bank looking for intern in their penultimate or final year of studies, placement to lead to permament role. Intern will shadow senior traders and rotate through Equity, Fixed Income and Commodities trading desks in London. LONDON.

Professional Services – Strategy Consulting – Boutique High-Technology and Infrastructure consulting firm seeking technologically savvy intern to join Los Angeles-based financial services advisory team. Intern must have an interest in both technology and financial markets. LOS ANGELES.

Banking & Finance – Investment Banking – Global investment bank seeking bright interns to join Equity and Debt Capital Markets division. Interns will rotate across regional desks, including North America, Europe and Emerging Markets desks. The internship is intended as a feeder into the firms 2015/16 analyst program. LONDON, NEW YORK & HONG KONG.

Marketing Advertising & PR – Integrated Media – Full service integrated media agency – one of America’s most oldest and most recognised – seeking interns to shadow Senior Project Managers. The interns will rotate through the firm’s specialist teams across commercial goods and services. LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK.

Banking & Finance – IT & Technology – Global financial services firm – Leaders in the UK, Europe and Emerging Europe. Interns will rotate across Analytics, Infrastructure and Software teams. Interns ideally pursuing an Engineering or Computer Science or Statistics based degree. LONDON.

Marketing, Advertising & PR – Digital Marketing – London-headquartered Digital Maketing agency. Intern will gain exposue to both the production-side (Graphic Design, Web Design, Analytics) and client-side as they rotate through the firm’s core divisions. LONDON, LOS ANGELES & NEW YORK.

Banking & Finance – Hedge Fund – Europe’s largest Alternative Asset Manager looking for interns to join Multi-Manager Investment, Fixed Income Risk and Performance analysis and European Institutional Sales teams. The internship will likely result in a permanent position in London. LONDON, NEW YORK & HONG KONG.

Media & Entertaiment – Publishing – Global publishing  firm – a market leader in electronic and print publications in the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Intern will shadow and assist senior researchers, writers and editors. Intern must be currently undertaking a degree English, History, Literature, Media or Communications. NEW YORK.

Banking & Finance – Risk & Quantitative Analysis – Multi-strategy hedge fund looking for interns with a numerate background (Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, etc.) with an interest in modelling and programming (VBA, C++, Python, etc.) to join the RQA investment strategy division. Placement to lead to permanent role. LONDON.

Visit to learn more. To apply, visit