CDH on-campus Student Internships

As most of you know, the Center for Digital Humanities each years seeks to hire talented young CS students or students in other majors with comparable skills for its projects. I’m writing to ask you all for referrals of students you have been particularly impressed with or have heard about. Internships are typically 10 hours per week. Under the COVID circumstances, work may be done remotely. We have openings on at least two projects, with prospects for several kinds of work:
  • Full stack web development
  • Computer animation
  • Data analytics, text mining
  • Databases
  • Systems administration
Ideal candidates would be as follows:
  • Freshmen or sophomores (so they will be around USC long enough to work on a project for 2+ years)
  • Have completed at least CSCE 145-146 or equivalent
  • (Preferred but not required:) Ideally have completed the short UNIX course or have equivalent knowledge
  • (Preferred but not required:) Ideally have completed CSCE 240 (though I realize that many students take this as juniors)
Colin F. Wilder Assistant Professor, Department of History Associate Director, Center for Digital Humanities ( Technical Director, Victorian Lives and Letters Consortium ( University of South Carolina