AI/ML Job opportunity for 1 CSE Master student and 1 highly capable undergraduates

Requirements: 1) Must be US citizen( due to funding resource requirement) 2) Will work in the exciting area of Artificial intelligence & Machine learning for materials discovery with Dr. Jianjun Hu of Computer science and Dr. Ming Hu at Mechanical Engineering Lab link: 3) For master students, it can be 20 hours/week for undergraduate, 10 hours/week 4) Stipend: based on performance, the Master student will be paid up to $5000/semester and the undergraduate will be paid up to $2000/semester. The total length is 1 year. 5) Check our super powerful GPU servers: 6) You should have solid python programming skills 7) Machine learning and AI background are big plus. 8) Have great opportunity to publish good papers, great to your CV. 9) You can start ASAP if recruited. Interested? Send your CV and programming credentials such as github link to Dr. Hu at