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Theory of Computation
Spring 2021

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Time: MW 11:00am - 12:15pm
Place: Virtually via Blackboard Collaborate (see the Syllabus)


I will post announcements here from time to time.

(3/8/2021) Here is Homework 3. It is due Tuesday March 16, submitted via CSE Dropbox.

(3/8/2021) An answer key for Quiz 1 is now posted on CSE Dropbox.

(2/17/2021) Here is the statement of Test Rules that you must agree to for taking the exam remotely. If you cannot print it to sign it, you can instead include the statement, "I agree to abide by the Test Rules" along with your answers.

(2/13/2021) Here is Homework 2. It is due Friday February 19, submitted via CSE Dropbox.

(2/2/2021) Here is Homework 1. It is due Wednesday February 10, submitted via CSE Dropbox.

(1/23/2021) Here is the sample final exam, giving a sample question for each of the 12 course objectives.

(1/23/2021) Here are sample homework questions from previous semesters.

Supporting Materials

Past Exams

Course Notes


The Java Formal Languages and Automata Package (JFLAP) is a free, easy-to-install, Java-based app for creating, manipulating, and simulating the computational models that you will learn about in this course, including (among others) automata and Turing machines. Some of the homework I assign may allow or require submitting JFLAP files.


Homework assignments will be posted here.

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