CSCE 211: Digital Logic Design (Spring 2009)

Section 002

Please keep all your graded materials until grades are posted.

Prerequisites: MATH 141

Meeting time and venue: MWF 1010-1100 in SWGN 2A22

Instructor: Marco Valtorta
Office: Swaeringen 3A55, 777-4641
Office Hours: TTh 1030-1200. Please check by phone or email. Others by appointment.

Required materials:

  • Charles H. Roth, Jr. Fundamentals of Logic Design, 5th edition. Brooks/Cole and Thompson, 2006, ISBN: 0534378048, ISBN13: 9780534378042 (required text) Supplementary materials from the publisher, including an errata list, are available.
  • Circuit Kits will be provided at no cost.
  • Here are the
  • current departmental syllabus for CSCE 211, and the
  • main web page for Professor Larry Stephens's offering of this course. It is my intention that lectures in the two sections of the course will cover the same material on the same day, that the same homework will be assigned, and that the same procedures will be followed.
  • Specific objectives of this course:

    Course outline with topics keyed to texbook chapters:


    Please bring the text book to class every day. I refer to it frequently.
    Successful students have the following characteristics:


    Homework Instructions

    Homework with Due Dates

    Circuit Instructions

    Circuit Lecture and Due Dates Instructions

    Lecture Log

    Transcript of class notes

    Quizzes and in-class exercises
    Quiz 1 of 09-01-14 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 2 of 09-01-16 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 3 of 09-01-23 (in pdf format, with answer) (Note: this quiz is dated 09-01-21, but it was assigned on 09-01-23.)
    Quiz 4 of 09-02-02 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Detailed notes for Quiz 4 of 09-02-02 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 5 of 09-02-04 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 6 of 09-02-20 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Three-minute survey of 09-02-20 with student answers (in pdf format)
    Quiz 7 of 09-03-27 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 8 of 09-03-30 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 9 of 09-04-08 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 10 of 09-04-22 (in pdf format, with answer)

    Some useful or interesting links:
    The game of Nim, from Wikipedia (accessed 2009-01-14)
    Datasheet for Motorola 74LS151 8-input multiplexer (8-to-1 MUX)
    Datasheet for Motorola 74LS138 1-of-8 decoder (3-to-8 Decoder/De-MUX))