CSCE 580: Artificial Intelligence

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Prerequisites: CSCE 350 (Data Structures and Algorithms).

Instructor: Marco Valtorta
Office: Swaeringen 3A55, 777-4641
Office Hours: M 1415-1615, F 1415-1515, or by previous appointment.

Syllabus (Assignment added on 2003-02-28)

Grading and Program Submission Policy

Reference materials:

  • Russell, Stuart, and Peter Norvig. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (Second Edition). Prentice-Hall, 2003 (required text). Supplementary materials from the authors are available.
  • Bratko, Ivan. Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence (Third Edition). Addison-Wesley, 2001 (required text). Supplementary materials from the author are available.
  • Here are the
  • new departmental syllabus for CSCE 580, and the
  • old departmental syllabus for CSCI 580, which is provided for historical information. (Note that syllabus flexibility is indicated as high, and our course is somewhat different from the model ones.)
  • Tests
    Correction Guide for Test 1 (in postscript format)
    Correction Guide for Mock Version of Test 2 (in postscript format)
    Correction Guide for Test 2 (in postscript format)

    Student Presentations

    Homework Students
    Homework 1: definition of AI, state of the art (in postscript)
    A cartoon parody of the Turing test, by Guray Alsac (Enjoy!)

    Note for the final exam

    Note: The programs whose name starts with "fig" are from the Bratko's textbook. (Bratko's A*) (Bratko's A* applied to the eight puzzle) (Bratko's A* applied to a task scheduling problem) (Bratko's IDA*) (Bratko's RBFS)
    Shoham: (depth-first search)
    Shoham: (breadth-first search)
    Shoham: (best-first search, including A*)
    Shoham: (min-max and alpha-beta)

    Lecture Log

    Most lecture use notes from the authors of the texbook. (See link under "reference materials," above.)
    Some lectures notes are in the lecture log.
    Some programs used in the lectures are linked above.

    The USC Blackboard will soon have a site for this course.

    Prolog Information

    Some useful links:
    In this class, we write dates according to ISO Standard 8601. (Also see this).
    How to view postscript in Windows: Wim Sweldens's web page on GSview.
    How to use your cse email account.
    Stuart Russell's AI on the Web.
    The Alan Turing Home Page, maintained by Andrew Hodges.
    Alan Turing's ``Computing Machinery and Intelligence,'' Mind, 49 (1950), pp.433-460 , in HTML format.
    Norman Matloff's Introduction to the vi Text editor
    Norman Matloff's Unix Tutorial Center