CSCE 330: Programming Language Structures (Fall 2022; Section 001)

Updated 2022-09-01 with name of new TA and related information (email, office hours). Updated 2022-08-18 with new course description.

Reference materials:

  • Hector J. Levesque. Thinking as Computation. The MIT Press, 2012 (required text, referred to as [L]). Supplementary materials from the author are available.
  • Graham Hutton. Programming in Haskell. Cambridge University Press, Second Edition, 2017 (required text, referred to as [U]). Supplementary materials from the author, including an errata list, are available.
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    Homework, Tests, and Programs
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  • Grading policy per assignment
  • HW6. Using the grammar of Clite on slides 51-53 of 330Syntax.pptx, give a parse tree for the statement x = x + a - 1; [T, exercise 2.5(a)].

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    Quizzes (In-Class Exercises)
    Quiz 1 of 22-08-30 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 2 of 22-09-20 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 3 of 22-10-04 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 4 of 22-10-06 (in pdf format, with answer)
    Quiz 5 of 22-10-20 (in pdf format, with answer).
    Quiz 6 of 22-11-01 (in pdf format, with answer).

    Some useful links:
    In this class, we write dates according to ISO Standard 8601.
    Brian Hayes. "The Semicolon Wars." _American Scientist_, July-August 2006, pp.299-303. Local copy, pdf.
    Philip Wadler, "Monads for Functional Programming" (pdf, local copy; bibliographical details at the bottom of the first page). Chapter 5 (especially starting with section 5.2) mirrors the presentation in Chapter 8 [H]. The beginning of Section 5.4 specifies the unit and * operations needed to define a monad. The discussion at the beginning of Section 5.12 explains that these operations have the monad properties, and therefore the parsers of Chapter 8 [H] are monads: "The empty parser and sequencing correspond directly to unit and *, and the monads laws reflect that sequencing is associative and has the empty parser as a unit. The failing parser and alternation correspond to zero and (XOR), which satisfy laws reflecting that alternation is associative and has the failing parser as a unit, and that sequencing distributes through alternation."
    Philip Wadler, "Propositions as Types" (video, September 25-26, 2015). Related paper: Philip Wadler. "Propositions as Types." Communications of the ACM, 58, 12, 75-84 (December 2015). ( Long version from author's website (pdf))
    Functional Programming in the Real World.
    Repository of Code for: Cristina Videira Lopez. Exercises in Programming Style. CRC Press, 2014.
    Parnas D.L. (December 1972). "On the Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules" (PDF). Comm ACM 15 (12): 1053-1058 (local copy).
    Derek Partridge and Yorick Wilks. "Does AI Have a Methodology Different from Software Engineering?" Technical Report MCCS-86-53 (1986), Computing Research Laboratory, University of New Mexico (local copy).
    Computer Language History web site by Eric Levenez
    The Ariane 5 launch disaster.
    Local copy of: Adrion, W.A., M.A. Branstad, and J.C. Cherniavsky. "Validation, Verification and Testing of Computer Software." ACM Computing Surveys, 14, 2 (June 1982), pp.159--192.
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    John McCarthy. "A Micromanual for LISP---Not The Whole Truth." ACM SIGPLAN Notices, Vol. 13, Issue 8 (August 1978), Pages 215-216 (local copy)
    The Simplesem interpreter
    : unzip, and follow the instructions in readme.txt. This is a Java implementation that seems robust and will run in Windows.
    Carter Bays's FP interpreter
    John Backus. "Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style? A Functional Style and Its Algebra of Programs." Communications of the ACM, 21, 8 (August 1978), 613-641
    John Backus: Function Level Programming and the FL Language: a 1987 lecture on FP by John Backus.
    Boyko Bantchev's List of Interviews with Programming Language Creators from Computerworld's series "The A-Z of Programming Languages (pdf)
    A to Z of Programming Languages Index
    J.W. Backus. "The 701 Speedcoding System." Journal of the ACM, 1, 1, pp.4-6, 1954 (local copy).
    A site with a short program written in many languages, not including FP.
    A site with another short program written in several languages..
    Examples of APL code
    John McCarthy, developer of LISP, wins the Franklin Medal
    John McCarthy's Obituary from the _New York Times_, 2011-10-25 (local copy).
    Dennis Ritchie's Obituary from the _New York Times_, 2011-10-13 (local copy).
    Alain Colmerauer's obituary from _CACM_, 2017-05-22
    Joe Armstrong. "Erlang." Communications of the ACM, Vol. 53 No. 9 (September 2010), Pages 68-75.. This article describes the notion of dynamic code upgrade.
    Pascal Rigaux's Diagrams of Programming Language History.
    Eric Levenez's Genealogy of Programming Languages.