CSCE 201 Introduction to Computer Security

Fall 2015


Cyber Security Scholarship Opportunities

(ISC) Foundation Scholarships: Educating Future Cyber Security Professionals


Section 001: Monday, Wednesday 4:25 pm -5:40 pm


Instructor: Csilla Farkas

GTA: Theppatorn Rhujittawiwat

Office: Swearingen 2D19, Office hrs: T, Th 3:00-4:00 pm


Office: Swearingen 3A43

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday 1:15 2:45 pm or electronically any time or by appointment

Telephone: 576-5762





Section 002: Tuesday, Thursday 2:50 pm -4:05 pm


Instructor: Phani Krishna Penumarthi

GTA: Theppatorn Rhujittawiwat

Office: Swearingen 2D19, Office hrs: T, Th 3:00-4:00 pm


Office: 3D41

Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 4:30 5:30 pm




Note: section 002 students may also attend the office hours for section 001.




Prerequisites: CSCE 101


Course Description:

The focus of the course is to provide a set of practices the students can deploy immediately to secure their computers and to maintain safe security practices. The lectures cover the necessary security concepts and methods to prevent security breaches and what to do if such a breach is detected. In addition to the lecture materials, students will be required to complete security lab exercises, performing hands-on experiments on safe security practices. The hands-on experiences enable the students to deal with security threats and to apply appropriate counter measures. The students will learn about securing popular computer platforms and applications running on these platforms.


Course Objectives:

  1. Understand basic concepts and practices of information security
  2. Understand tools and techniques used by attackers to penetrate computer systems
  3. Understand tools and techniques used by defense to protect computer systems
  4. Be able to check for security updates, apply and use patches and other defense mechanisms
  5. Be able to understand and follow security and privacy policies
  6. Understand the ethical implications of using attack tools on computer systems




         Computer Security Fundamentals (2nd Edition) 2nd Edition by William (Chuck) Easttom II, Paperback: 352 pages, Publisher: Pearson IT Certification; 2 edition (December 30, 2011), ISBN-10: 0789748908, ISBN-13: 978-0789748904







         Test 1: October 7, 2015 for section 001 (October 8, 2015 for section 002)

NEW Schedule: October 14, 2015 for section 001 (October 15, 2015 for section 002)

o   sample

         Test 2: November 18, 2015

o   sample, solution

         Final Exam: Dec. 9, 2015

o   Sample final (solution will be posted in dropbox on Sunday)


Homework Assignments

1.      Homework 1: due via dropbox Sept. 2, 2015 midnight (Sept. 3 for section 002)

2.      Homework 2: due via dropbox Sept. 21, 2015 midnight (Sept. 22 for section 002)

3.      Homework 3: due via dropbox Oct. 5, 2015 midnight (Oct. 6 for section 002)

4.      Homework 4: due via dropbox Oct. 26, 2015 midnight (Oct. 27 for section 002)

5.      Homework 5 (link given in dropbox) : due via dropbox Nov. 16, 2015 midnight (Nov. 17 for section 002)

6.      Homework 6: due via dropbox December 7, 2015 midnight (December 9 for section 002)