Qiang Zeng

The Cyber Security Lab in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Carolina is recruiting students. The research of our lab is focused on designing and building more secure computer systems, such as servers, mobile computing platforms, and smart environments. We also work on security issues of machine learning and apply machine learning to resolving security problems.

Recruiting PhD Students

The PhD students will be fully funded with competitive assistantship.

Requirements for students: excellent coding skills and passion in research; GPA >= 3.2/4 (or top 20% in the class); Toefl >= 80 (or IELTS >= 6.5); GRE Q>=165 V>=150 (we can slightly lower the requirements on GRE and GPA if you are distinguished in other aspects).

If interested, please send your CV, GPA, transcripts, and English scores to Dr. Qiang Zeng zeng1(at)cse.sc.edu or Dr. Lannan Luo lluo(at)cse.sc.edu (please replace (a) with @ in the email address).

Undergraduate students can also apply. Please submit your online application here if I encourage you to apply.

Recruiting Master and Undergraduate Students

We also welcome master and undergraduate students to join our research projects. Please send me your GPA and, optionally, your CV. Students from under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.


研究:南卡大学属于卡内基分类中的R1大学, 其CS排名在全美排第77 (checked on Dec 3. 2018)。 注意csrankings由于其客观性,现在越来越被广泛认可。我们组(Dr. Qiang Zeng and Dr. Lannan Luo's group)的研究都是学科最前沿的问题,非常有利于学生发高水平的论文。学生从PhD第一学期就有属于自己的project,而不是做工程性的coding或者给其他学生打下手,我们组的学生因此成长迅速。我们有学生仅仅一年就发表了一篇top-tier conference paper, 还有学生第一学期就已经开始投稿高质量的会议。我们把比较多的精力和指导投入到学生身上,因材施教帮助学生找到合适的问题,大量的时间和学生一起讨论解决方案,甚至一起debug。

气候与生活:南卡的气候可能是全美最好的,四季分明,不冷不热,大部分时间阳光明媚。这里距离大海只有一个半小时车程,市郊有大湖,市内有河流。是一个景色宜人、干净舒适的城市。不但自然环境优美,而且因为是州的首府,这里生活也很便利,动物园,植物园,Costco, Walmart, Macy's, Bestbuy, 还有各种中西口味的饭店,两家中国超市。对学生免费的、世界水平的健身馆就在我们系楼旁边。南卡大学位于南卡的首府哥伦比亚市,与州政府仅仅一街之隔,所在地区整洁漂亮,而且治安非常好。

毕业与就业:我们实验室的两大方向就是cyber security和deep learning。而这两个方向正是在中、美两国市场需求最大的两个方向。毕业的标准我们非常清晰,学生只需要在top-tier conferences上发表两篇文章,就可以毕业。