Qiang Zeng

The Systems and Software Security Research Lab in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of South Carolina is recruiting students. The research of our lab is focused on designing and building more secure computer systems, especially mobile systems and IoT devices. We also work on security issues of machine learning and apply machine learning to resolving security problems.

Recruiting Post-Doctoral Researchers

Requirements: Strong passion in Security research; one or two papers published in top conferences.

Recruiting PhD Students

The PhD students will be fully funded with competitive assistantship.

Requirements: excellent coding skills and passion in research; GPA >= 3.2/4 (or top 20% in the class); Toefl >= 80 (or IELTS >= 6.5); GRE Q>=165 V>=150 (we can slightly lower the requirements on GRE and GPA if you are distinguished in other aspects, such as coding and research).

If interested, please send your CV, GPA, transcripts, and English scores to Dr. Qiang Zeng zeng1(at)cse.sc.edu or Dr. Lannan Luo lluo(at)cse.sc.edu (please replace (a) with @ in the email address).

Please make sure your are truly interested in Systems and Software Security research before you apply. Research in this area typically involves very little maths and theory, but requires high coding, innovation and system building skills and it needs you to work very hard to succeed. I strongly suggest you take a look at our publications to see whether the research interests you.

Undergraduate students can also apply. Please submit your online application here if I encourage you to apply.

Recruiting Master and Undergraduate Students

We also welcome master and undergraduate students to join our research projects. Please send me your GPA and, optionally, your CV. Students from under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.