Taylor Morris's Main Page

Office hours (Sumwalt 340 room): Monday 11:10pm-12:10pm & Wednesday 11:10pm-12:10pm

Email: tam6@email.sc.edu

Phone: 803-777-5609

This is the main page for my 102 lab sections. Select your lab section below:

HERE is the link for open hours for the labs, you can always go here to get help, there will often be a lab monitor there to assist you.

Other Things:

You MUST pass the lab to pass the class. Attendance is REQUIRED and will be taken. All assignments are to be put on your X: drive. That will be where they are graded from, NO EMAILED LABS WILL BE COUNTED. A printed copy of your finished lab MUST be brought to class on the due date, or a penalty will be given. Labs are due the night before the following lab meeting. All labs will be checked and retrieved at that time. Any labs not turned in by midnight will be considered late. Late labs are accepted for a 15% off, and only up to 1 week after the due date. Except in extreme cases, after that time it is a 0.

Grades for assignments are givens as follows:
A: 100-90
B+: 89-87
B: 86-80
C+: 79-77
C: 76-70
D+: 69-67
D: 66-60
F: 59-0

Academic Integrity:
The University of South Carolina and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering take a strong stand against cheating. Anyone caught cheating in this course will receive a grade of F and the incident will be reported, which may result in further disciplinary action. You are allowed to ask for help in the labs and on certain parts of projects and homework; but do your own work. Don't let anyone do it for you. Do not turn in someone else's work as your own or give work to another student. It could be be turned in as their work. The student that gives the work is as guilty as the student that takes the work. The University of South Carolina's Rule of Academic Responsibility states:

It is the responsibility of every student at the University of South Carolina Columbia to adhere steadfastly to truthfulness and to avoid dishonesty, fraud, or deceit of any type in connection with any academic program. Any student who violates this rule or who knowingly assists another to violate this rule shall be subject to discipline...

A useful page worth reading: https://cse.sc.edu/~cmatthew/acad_response.htm