Unix Linux Fundamentals
CSCE215-80[1-4], 85[1-4]: Spring 2017


Pat O'Keefe
Office: Swearingen Eng Ctr Room 1D25
Office Hour: By appt.

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When: Monday, Wednesday 2:20PM - 3:10AM

Section 80[1-4]: January 9th - February 15th
Section 85[1-4]: March 13th - April 10th.

Where: Swearingen Room 1C01 (Amoco Hall)

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Homework Dropbox
System used to submit homework, check grades.

Safari on-line books
O'reilly books available online (Limited "Free" subscription available).

Google Group for CSCE 215
Good resource for sharing information and asking questions.

  • Feel free to contact me via email (okeefe@cse.sc.edu) if you have questions about the course.

  • Room 1D39 is the linux lab we use for this course.

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