Md Modasshir

PhD Student
Autonomous Field Robotics Laboratory
Computer Science & Engineering Department
University of South Carolina
315 Main St. Columbia, SC, 29208

I am a PhD student at University of South Carolina at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Robotics field. I joined USC at Fall 2014. My research advisor is Dr. Ioannis Rekleitis.

I am interested in application of deep learning in robotic vision. Currently, I am working to find out visual cues for robot localization and mapping for underwater autonomous vehicle using deep learning models.

Before joining USC, I worked 2 years in industry as a software developer. I was working as a Software Engineer in Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh. My research was focused on Automated Test Tool development for Android application.

Curriculum Vitae - [pdf]
I am teaching Introduction to Computer Science (CSCE-102) in Spring 2019. For course related information, please visit here.