CSCE 102 Lecture - Sections 19, 20

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Course Description

As given in the USC Undergraduate Bulletin: Introduction to systematic computer problem-solving and programming for variety of applications.

Required textbook

Basics of Web Design: HTML5 and CSS3,   Fourth Edition ,  by Terry Felke-Morris

DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model , Second edition,   by Jeremy Keith, Jeffrey Sambells

You will also need a flash drive to back up your files


A: 90-100, B+: 87-89, B: 80-86, C+: 77-79, C: 70-76, D+: 67-69, D: 60-66, F: <60

Tests              30%
Final Exam    20%
Lab                 30%
Project             5%

Lab Grades

You must pass the lab portion of the course with a grade of 60 or better in order to pass the class.

  • HW/Quizzes: You will have quizzes and homework throughout the semester.
  • There are no make-up quizzes. At least one quiz grade will be dropped.
  • All homework assignments are due at the beginning of class
  • Late homework will not be accepted
  • Homework is not accepted through email
  • Lab: Attendance is REQUIRED.
  • You must have a Lab average greater than or equal to 60 to pass the class
  • ** You can only attend the lab that you are registered for; you cannot attend another section's lab.
  • ** Using the lab when another class is in session is prohibited.
  • ** Prepare for labs in advance, be on time, and do not hesitate to ask for help or clarifications.

Open Lab Hours

There are two labs available for you to use outside of your assigned lab time. Rooms 361 and 244 will be open and a lab monitor will be available to answer questions. The lab hours will be posted on the web and on the lab doors. You are encouraged use the open lab hours.

Open Lab Schedule

Policy on late assignments

I do not accept late work assigned during the lecture. If an emergency arises, contact me as soon as possible to arrange for makeup work. There is a 15% late penalty for up to 1 week after the due date with a valid excuse. ONE makeup is allowed per semester, no exceptions. If you miss an exam, for any reason, you are allowed one and only one makeup test. It is cumulative and will be given the week before final exams. Assignments are graded on completeness (ALL of the stipulated requirements), quality and effort.

Policy on attendance

Policy for lab work

How to do well in this course

  1. Attend lectures and labs. Much of the material that you will be expected to know is not directly from the textbook. Topics in the textbook will be supplemented with information from other sources.
  2. Complete homework assignments. Quiz and test questions will be similar to or identical to homework problems.
  3. Seek help if needed. If you don't understand something taught in class or assigned, see me after class, or during my office hours. Don't wait until you have several chapters of material that you don't understand before coming to see me.
  4. Read the academic responsibility and "what every student should know" document. It can be found here:

Policy for Cheating

The University of South Carolina and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering take a strong stand against cheating. Anyone caught cheating in this course will receive a grade of F and the incident will be reported, which may result in further disciplinary action.  You are allowed to ask for help in the labs and on certain parts of projects and homework; but do your own work. Don't let anyone do it for you. Do not turn in someone else's work as your own or give work to another student. It could be be turned in as their work. The student that gives the work is as guilty as the student that takes the work. The University of South Carolina's Rule of Academic Responsibility states:

It is the responsibility of every student at the University of South Carolina Columbia to adhere steadfastly to truthfulness and to avoid dishonesty, fraud, or deceit of any type in connection with any academic program. Any student who violates this rule or who knowingly assists another to violate this rule shall be subject to discipline...

Read more about the Rule of Academic Responsibility at Responsibility.

As a student, member of the faculty or staff at the University of South Carolina you are a member of the Carolina Community and are therefore obligated to adhere to the Carolinian Creed.(

Responsible Use of Computer Resources

The University of South Carolina has a strong policy against computer abuse. Students are expected to act responsibly using computers. This includes obeying all applicable laws regarding copyright and harassment. See the Student Guidelines for Responsible Computing at

General Information

Read: What Every College Student Needs to Know

More about Grades from Newsweek: Making the Grade, by Kurk Wiesenfeld, GA Tech.